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Hirono Addresses Lingle's Press Conference Remarks


Location: Unknown

Mazie Hirono issued to following statement addressing remarks made by Linda Lingle at a press conference today:

"From the Republican who refused to debate her primary opponent even once, and even refused to show up at the bi-partisan Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association Debate this summer -- this is an extraordinary acknowledgment from Linda Lingle that the people of Hawaii deserve to finally hear her debate. It's hard to imagine Republican Linda Lingle really wants 18 opportunities to defend the Romney-Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it, relive her abysmal record on Furlough Fridays, and explain why it would be good for Hawaii if she helps the national Republican Party take control of the U.S. Senate.

"As the first candidate to call for debates on every major TV station in Hawaii, I'm confident that between my debate plans and Linda Lingle's, the people of Hawaii can look forward to plenty of them."

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