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"This is Not the Way:" Senator Baumgartner Responds to SCOTUS Ruling


Location: Bellevue, WA

Sen. Michael Baumgartner issued a statement today regarding the SCOTUS ruling that upheld the Affordable Care Act.

"Today, the Supreme Court of the United States did something none of us expected -- they held that the Affordable Care Act is not in violation of the Constitution," Baumgartner said.

"While this outcome is unexpected, it does affim what we've known all along - it defines this legislation as a tax on the middle class. When President Obama and Senate Democrats were selling this law to the public, they frequently denied calling the penalty a 'tax.' Justice Roberts makes it clear that this penalty absolutely is a tax, and, further iterates that the ACA's constitutionality hinges on the penalty being defined as such.

"Furthermore, the ruling doesn't change the fact that the ACA is bad policy. The people of the United States are still very much against the Health Care Act, and when I'm elected to the US Senate, I'll work beside the legislators to see it repealed and replaced with something that actually increases coverage and brings down health care costs.

"Maria Cantwell's unwavering support of this law shows that she has no hesitation to see the federal government expand its reach into a family's most important and private decisions. Health care choices should be decisions between a family, a patient and a physician - without federal bureaucrats. It also shows that Maria is more than happy to tax middle-class families.

"It's clear that Cantwell has no grasp on how to reform the health care system in a way that will bring down costs and increase coverage.

"I want to see health care costs become more affordable for the average American, but this is not the way. We need a policy that increases competition and flexibility, that allows for the sale of insurance across state lines, and lets the markets lower costs."

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