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Statement on Today's Supreme Court Ruling


Location: Lakewood, WA

Today's historic Supreme Court ruling upholds the biggest step forward in health insurance reform in decades. No American will ever again be denied healthcare coverage because of a pre-existing condition. The ruling also ensures Americans under 26 can get access to healthcare through their parents, helps small businesses afford healthcare for their employees, and makes sure that preventative healthcare is covered by health insurance plans for millions more Americans, saving lives and saving money.

These patient protections will make the American middle class stronger. The further efforts planned in the United States House of Representatives to repeal these provisions are nothing but distracting, partisan games at a time when Congress should be focused on helping create jobs. This misguided set of priorities is more evidence that we must elect new leaders to the U.S. House.

It is disappointing that our state's Attorney General joined the Tea Party in this expensive and failed lawsuit and worked to repeal these needed reforms.

America's healthcare crisis is still very real. Going forward, the goal of Congress must be to work in a bipartisan fashion to lower out of control healthcare costs that continue to harm American pocketbooks. No American should go bankrupt because they get sick.

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