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Issue Position: Alaska Coastal Management Program

Issue Position

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Vote Yes on Ballot 2

It is critical that we vote Yes on Ballot Measure #2 during the Primary Election to bring back the Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP).

The ACMP was first established in 1979. The program allowed our coastal districts to participate and have a voice in regional development and be a part of the permitting process. The State of Alaska received $2.6 million in Federal funding annually for administration of the ACMP. Some of these funds went to local districts for work on coastal management in their area. This created needed jobs in our rural communities and helped streamline the development process between the federal, state, and local governments. We need this ACMP back.

In 2003, Governor Frank Murkowski dismantled the program by limiting the role of coastal communities and their meaningful participation in the program. He eliminated the Coastal Policy Board, which included members from communities statewide. This board had oversight of the Department of Natural Resources' management of the program and final approval of each district's plan. The overall effect of these changes silenced a legitimate voice for local communities in development decisions in their regions.

Currently, the ACMP is up for a vote to be reestablished under the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. I understand the cultural values and lifestyles of rural and coastal communities and the dependence on subsistence and responsible stewardship of our local resources. It is ony right to offer local communities a voice in the permitting processes of our natural resources.

Lets vote Yes to Ballot Measure 2 to bring back the ACMP program. Lets vote for what is fair for local community members, those who live within close proximity to our Alaskan coastlines, to have a strong voice in management decisions that affect their area.

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