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Issue Position: Health Care

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Health Care Reform Freedom or Oppression?

Health reform is an important topic for Americans and Minnesotans. Real reform should bring down costs, get and keep people insured, and increase consumer power and patient choice through competition.

The question consumers must ask is simple will government reform actions bring more freedom or more oppression? Will changes stifle or stimulate our economy?

Washington leaders are totally overhauling our health care delivery system, at the objection of most Americans. Let's apply the question - freedom or oppression to current proposals.

Mandates. Health care coverage will be mandated and penalties imposed for noncompliance. This overstepping by government, challenges constitutional freedoms, and is oppressive.

Costs. Total national health care expenditures will increase no savings, 24 million will remain uninsured, and the government will make health care decisions and choices for consumers. See actuary report at: This is oppressive, will stifle consumer choices.

New taxes. Billions of new taxes and penalties will be imposed to pay for expanded government health care. This will shift the financial burden to employers and workers, harming the economy, and killing jobs. The Heritage Foundation estimates a loss of 450,000 jobs. CCHC estimates the impact on small businesses at this link: . This is oppressive, will stifle economic growth!

New Fees. Fees will be imposed on manufacturers and importers of drugs, medical devices, and insurance plans. These costs will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices beginning 2011 according to the CMS Actuary Report on Senate bill 12-10-09. That is oppressive, will stifle consumer access!

Cuts to doctors. Medicare payments to doctors will be cut by $500 billion. This means less health care for elderly patients. Mayo Clinic of Glendale, Arizona stopped accepting Medicare payments altogether. How many more providers will follow suite? See article at this link: This is oppressive, will stifle patient outcomes!

Abortion and quality of life treatment. Government coverage will pay for abortion on demand and lead to rationing. According to the National Right to Life organization, provisions in the bill could be used to establish standards that would result in the denial of live saving medical care based on a person's disability, age, or quality of life. See link: That is not only oppressive, it is immoral!

Real Reform. Real patient-centered, consumer-driven health care reform proposals should include these key principles as described by the Heritage Foundation.

Consumers are decision makers regarding health care options, not bureaucrats.

Consumers buy and own health insurance coverage, as they do in other economic sectors.

Individuals choose their health insurance coverage, not employers or government officials.

Individuals have expanded coverage choices, allowing suppliers of medical goods and services to freely enter and exit the health care market.

Individuals will know the cost and compare the value of health insurance, medical goods, and health services they buy.

Individuals can make changes to health coverage, and select new health plans on predictable terms.

If you are looking for a website that explains the implications of federal health care bills proposed, but not yet finalized, go to; click on "get the the new health care policy will affect" "families"..."seniors."

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