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Ann Wagner Releases Second Television Ad of 2nd District GOP Primary


Location: Ballwin, MO


Since I announced my run for Congress there has been one constant -- my family. My husband, Ray and my three children, Raymond, Stephen and Mary Ruth have been with me every step of the way. It's important for me to have their support through this campaign and it's important that we, together, help build a stronger future for your family and families across the Nation.

It is in that spirit that my new television advertisement, Moment, was created. I've included the actual video below along with the text of the ad. This election is about the future and what kind of country we want to build for our children. Last week's decision in Washington has the possibility to remake the political landscape for decades and adversely affect our families' ability to grow and prosper -- if we let it.

In reality, the future of this country will be decided in November when we increase our conservative majority in the United States House and take back the White House. We all need to hold up high and assist those who have the future of our children and our families placed higher than bowing to the altar of liberal politics.

That's why I am running -- to restore a more prosperous, positive future for our families. I hope you enjoy the ad -- it's a personal story, but one that needs to be told, and is the reason why I am running for United States Congress.


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