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Calls for Repeal of Massive Obamacare Tax


Location: Ballwin, MO

On the heels of the Supreme Court Decision confirming Obamacare as a tax and a dismal June jobs report, the Ann Wagner for Congress campaign released their first radio ad last week called " Repeal."

The ad features a live interview with Wagner on the campaign trail and underscores the impact of the massive Obamacare tax increase and the uncertainty facing job creators and average Americans.

"Democrats and President Obama claimed Obamacare was not a tax. As the Supreme Court decided, it is most definitely a tax. Americans were sold a bill of goods that turns out to be false. Obamacare increases taxes, increases the debt and punishes small businesses," said Wagner. "Our first radio ad highlights the problems the Obamacare tax will cause everyday Americans and, especially, job creators. I will work on day one in Congress to repeal the Obamacare tax -- without repeal, employers across the country will not have the confidence to put Americans back to work."


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