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Statement of Dr. Taj on McCotter Staff Indictments


Location: Novi, MI

The indictments of four McCotter staffers have reminded residents of the 11th Congressional District of the importance of connected and honest representation. It really is time for a "Doctor in the House." To this end, Dr. Syed Taj (D-Canton) candidate for the 11th District offered the following thoughts:

"It is my hope that these indictments are the beginning of the final chapter of this disturbing election fraud affair brought on by Thad McCotter's incompetence. These indictments serve as reminder for the importance of representatives of the people to stay connected and in-touch with those they serve. It appears Mr. McCotter and his staff were so disconnected from the people of the 11th District they could not even take the time to gather the signatures of even 1,000 constituents."

"This level of disconnection and failure of service will never happen when I am the Representative from the 11th District. Constituent service coupled with transparency and wide access to my staff and myself will be the hallmark of my Congressional service. I joined this race because I saw it as an extension of the public service responsibilities of my profession. Today that calling is all the more clear. After 10 years of criminality and incompetence the people of the 11th District deserve more. I am proud to offer my experience and service to provide the representation for this district that has been so sorely lacking the last 10 years."

"I now look forward to the upcoming campaign as we provide the citizens of the 11th District with a clear choice between myself and Mr. Bentivolio. Voters will be able to choose between Mr. Bentivolio's extreme vision for America and my common-sense mainstream ideas for returning jobs to Michigan, providing quality health care for everyone, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and defending our great nation. "

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