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Blog: Finally, the Wind at Our Backs for Wind-Energy Manufacturing Jobs


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Dear Fellow Coloradan,

Great countries build things. And great countries make their own energy. Coloradans know this. We are at the epicenter of our nation's all-of-the-above energy strategy, from solar to natural gas to wind.

However, our nation's exceptional growth in the wind energy industry and the thousands of jobs it has created in Colorado and across the country are in jeopardy because of uncertainty over the future of the wind production tax credit, which sunsets in December.

Help me protect Colorado jobs and our wind energy industry by showing your support.

Our manufacturing sector and the thousands of good-paying jobs it has created -- as well as our pursuit of true energy security through clean and renewable energy -- are too important to be cast into the wind due to election-year partisanship and congressional gridlock. That is why I have been going to the Senate floor on a regular basis to encourage my colleagues to act on the wind Production Tax Credit.

And my efforts are starting to pay off.

The Senate Finance Committee took a step in the right direction last week when it included an extension of the PTC in its annual tax-extenders package. This legislation has been a long time coming, but there is still a long way to go before it passes the full Senate and House of Representatives, so I am not finished yet.

The PTC supports more than 75,000 jobs nationwide, including 6,000 here in Colorado. These are good paying, high-skill jobs that we need to fight to keep in the United States. I recently visited one of Vestas's production facilities near Pueblo. The hundreds of workers there, who build the towers of wind turbines, are eager to see Congress give them the long-term certainty they need to see their industry grow, rather than shrink.

Please help me continue to push my colleagues to pass the PTC ASAP and keep this critical issue on the front burner.

If Congress doesn't act, other countries will step into the breach. Already we have seen China and other nations start to take our wind energy jobs because Congress is questioning our long-term commitment to energy independence and made-in-America manufacturing. Please join me in fighting for Colorado jobs and energy security by protecting the wind production tax credit.

Warm regards,

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