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Pathway to Job Creation Through a Simpler, Fairer Tax Code Act of 2012

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. ROSKAM. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

I was listening to the gentleman from New York, and I sincerely appreciate his warm, heartfelt advice for the Republican Party.

I am amazed at the characterization of being in opposition to a President's policies as somehow being in opposition to the country. I fundamentally reject that. I think that that is a gross characterization. I think, on behalf of everybody on the GOP side, that that is an absurd argument.

I want to pick up on a thread and a subtext of what we heard from our friends on the other side of the aisle. It's a very interesting thing, and I'm not being sarcastic. It is a very hopeful thing, which is this, Mr. Speaker:

Did you notice today that there is nobody who is defending the status quo of our current Tax Code? Nobody. We will not hear any voice from our friends on the other side defending the current Tax Code. We will hear no voice today on this side or on the other side among all of those Members--and I haven't listened to our friends on the other side of the dome, but I'm hunching that there is nobody--who is defending the status quo.

So what does that mean for us today?

That means there is an unbelievable opportunity. There is an opportunity that is born of recognition of a failed system. Some characterize it as ``crony capitalism,'' which is, if you're connected, if you're somebody of means, if you're able to come into this town and with a sharp elbow insert something into the Tax Code and manipulate it, then you get an economic win at the expense of everybody else.

The gentleman from New York asked a rhetorical question a couple of minutes ago, and I jotted it down. He asked: What do we need a path for?

We need a path to get out of this. That's what we need a path for. With all due respect to the President, the President is not leading on a pathway that shows us how to get out of this.

So what do you have the chairman of the committee and the GOP in the House doing right now?

They're saying, look, let's not defend the status quo. Let's instead completely transform this debate, and let's focus in on one word, and that is the word ``competitiveness.'' How do we create in this country the most competitive tax jurisdiction in the world?

Could you imagine how great it could be? Could you imagine what it would be like if our Tax Code were a foundation upon which--what could happen? You could have entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks because there is a possibility of reward in the future. Right now, they're being told from this town that if you built it, you didn't really build it, and we don't want to have you take credit for it. That's ridiculous. That's absurd. That's a world view that we should shun and reject and move away from.

We need to pass this. We need to pass this urgently, and I urge an ``aye'' vote.


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