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Vigil with the Sikh Association of Baltimore


Location: Baltimore, MD

To Jesse Singh, Davinder Singh, Rulda Singh, and Bhai Sahib Mangal Singh,…thank you for your leadership and compassion. And thank you to the clergy, elected officials, and members of the community who are here tonight to show your support and love.

Coming Together

As we come together in the wake of unthinkable tragedy, and unimaginable heartache, it is humbling to think that this very gathering is a testament to our collective strength as a people. We come together today from many diverse backgrounds, from all walks of life, to stand with our friends in Wisconsin and throughout the Sikh community, shoulder to shoulder in solidarity.

Because in our great State, where our diversity is our greatest strength, we choose to be bound together by the common thread of human dignity.

While we may never truly be able to understand such senseless violence, we are left instead with a renewed resolve to stand up to hate in all its forms,… to remember the victims, and refuse to go on as if nothing happened.
We are reminded today of the words of the first Guru,… "In the whole wide world that I see around, nothing can be gained without good actions."

Although nothing we can do will ever ease this pain we feel, we will remember those who were lost through our own service to others. And we will honor them through our own efforts to stand up to evil throughout our world.


Jo Bole So Nihal.

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