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Securing Online Privacy

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia. I've got a cell phone somewhere around here. Here it is. I'm going to ask:

Is this a tracking device or is there somebody in this device who is taking my photographs? my videos? my treasured personal stuff like that--my address book?

What is this?

It is something that we need to be smart about. Smart government policies should ensure our data isn't improperly collected, sold, and exploited; but what we've learned from SOPA is that we tried to shove legislation down the public's throat, and we failed. We learned we'd better consult the folks who use the Internet before we regulate it.

That's why, last week, I launched Using the Web and social media, we are asking what smart policy looks like before we write a bill. We are using the Internet to make sure we don't break the Internet.

Mr. Speaker, I encourage my colleagues and the public to visit and to send their thoughts and concerns. Tell Congress how we can do a better job of securing your privacy.

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