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Pathway to Job Creation Through a Simpler, Fairer Tax Code Act of 2012

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. TIBERI. I yield myself 30 seconds.

Mr. Speaker, the gentleman from Maryland is attacking two Republican plans that are not our plans. The gentleman knows that, for instance, the proposed territorial system that we have proposed is not a pure territorial system, for instance; it has anti-abuse rules. And we can broaden the base by getting rid of deductions and credits without impacting middle class taxpayers.

I yield, with that, Mr. Speaker, 2 minutes to the gentleman from Minnesota (Mr. Paulsen), the new acting chairman of the Income Security Subcommittee of the Ways and Means Committee.


Mr. TIBERI. Mr. Chairman, thank you for your leadership. You have done more to advance the cause for comprehensive tax reform and stopping tax increases on Americans than anyone in America, and we certainly appreciate your leadership.

Mr. Speaker, the gentleman from Illinois reminded us that after the election in 2010, the President of the United States said, in this economy, we cannot let tax rates go up for any American because the economy was too weak.

Well, today, ladies and gentlemen, the economy is weaker than it was in December of 2010. In fact, it's been weaker the last 4 months than it was, with little hope that it will get better soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, Americans are long overdue in having comprehensive tax reform. They want it, 9 out of 10 Americans. Nine out of 10 Americans now use a tax preparer. My father, a retired steelworker, my mother, a retired seamstress, use a tax preparer.

And ironically, Mr. Speaker, my father came to America, my mother came to America for a better life. And when I got my first job, my first job at McDonald's, when I was 16 years old, my dad said, Son, we have a really crazy Tax Code that doesn't encourage you to save, that doesn't encourage you to invest. And you know what? You're going to save a little bit of that paycheck because it's the right thing to do, even though we have a crazy Tax Code.

Well, my immigrant dad today thinks we have even a crazier Tax Code than we did back in the early 1980s, and it's time that we change that. The process in this bill will force people in this town to do what we haven't done for over 25 years, and that's fix the Code.

There's been talk on this floor about small business owners. I was a realtor. I had small business income. I didn't employ anybody. I'm proud of what I did.

But there's a guy that I know. His name is RJ. He's a small business owner. He would be impacted tremendously, and so would his 50 employees, if we allowed his taxes to go up on January 1.

Or William, a small retailer who hires people. He would see his taxes go up.

Ladies and gentlemen, House Republicans believe that jobs are created not in Washington, D.C., but by entrepreneurs and risk takers throughout America. And there are two roads that we can choose to go down. And this chart couldn't be better in showing everybody out there those two roads. One road leads to danger. One road leads to a failing and falling economy with 700,000 jobs to be lost. We don't want to go down that road. We've seen too much misery already.

No, Mr. Speaker, the road that we want to go down, led by our chairman of our committee, is the one to the right, now hiring, in green, with a million new jobs, not created in Washington, but created by people like RJ and William, entrepreneurs, risk takers and, ladies and gentlemen, people like my dad who came to America with nothing, who understand that hard work and risk taking should be rewarded, not penalized.

That's why, today, the process that this bill puts in this motion will lead us finally to say to the American people, yes, we heard you, loud and clear, and we're going to simplify our Tax Code. We're going to simplify it for every American taxpayer so we can have an economy that creates jobs, doesn't pick winners and losers, and, ladies and gentlemen, gets us to a place where we have a Tax Code that people like my mom and dad don't have to go hire a tax preparer to do their taxes.

With that, Mr. Speaker, I urge passage of this bill.


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