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CNN "CNN Newsroom" - Transcript


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FEYERICK: Democrats are howling about Congressman Paul Ryan's new role as the Republican vice presidential pick. President Obama's campaign says Ryan and Romney share a, quote, "flawed theory," unquote -- the big tax cuts for the wealthy will help the American economy. Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore joins us live from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Congresswoman Moore, what is your reaction to the Paul Ryan pick?

REP. GWEN MOORE, (D), WISCONSIN: Actually, there I was quite surprised that he was chosen for this. Because I do think that we -- you know, Mitt Romney I think has benefited from campaigning at 30 feet and not being very specific about his proposals, what smaller government would mean, what he would do around the economy. But now that he has essentially married my good friend and colleague Paul Ryan, we're very clear about what Paul Ryan has sought to do for his entire time as a member of Congress and as the chair of the Budget Committee. He wants smaller government ...

FEYERICK: And congresswoman -- go ahead, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

MOORE: Well, I mean, he has sought in the past to privatize Social Security. He is basically eviscerating all of the entitlement programs, including Medicare, where he provides a voucher to seniors, which would essentially pass the increasing costs of health care onto seniors, and estimates are that it would be as much as $6,000 a year.

FEYERICK: So Congresswoman, while you call Congress -- while you call Representative Ryan a friend of yours, you don't necessarily agree with where he stands on economic issues?

MOORE: Oh, no, and he doesn't agree with me either. You know, I'm a member of the Budget Committee, so I've spent countless hours looking through his charts and his numbers, and his position is the same failed economic strategy that we've seen certainly over the last decade. Just to provide a lower tax burden on corporations, wealthy individuals, to increase taxes essentially on middle class folk. And raise no revenues, simply eviscerate all of the safety net programs, Medicare, Medicaid, and essentially provide no substantial deficit reduction. FEYERICK: Knowing Paul Ryan as you do, do you think he's the kind of person that will be able to compromise? Do you think that there will be some sort of collaboration in the process?

MOORE: Well, I think the next 80 or so days is not about compromising. I think what he's going to have to explain to the American people. He's a very personable person. It's hard not to like him. I'm sure that the Romney campaign will get some kind of bump, because he's a very cheerful and pleasant person. But I think when you peel back the layers of his plan, he'll have to explain to the American people what -- how he wants to fundamentally change the social contract.

FEYERICK: Congresswoman Moore, Gwen Moore from Wisconsin, we really thank you.


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