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Issue Position: Rena on Jobs

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Rena plans to create jobs for community members and help get Minnesotans back to work. Having gone through periods of trying to raise her family on a minimum wage job, Rena understands the importance of creating and protecting family-sustaining wage jobs. Plain and simple, if you are working full time in Minnesota, you should not be living in poverty.

She will fight to make sure that future development protects and respects the thriving culture and emerging small businesses in the area. Small, family owned businesses help make our community great - and we must work to ensure that they survive through central corridor light rail construction and beyond.

Rena will continue her leadership to ensure that local residents gain equal access to jobs created by the light rail and other public investments. She will move to create greater transparency, reporting and accountability in public investments to ensure hiring equity for low-income and communities of color.

Additionally, Rena has already collaborated with state legislators to make sure low-income residents and people of color received their fair share of Minnesota jobs created by federal stimulus money. She will fight to extend funding for job training and support, raise the minimum wage to a livable wage, and will advocate for a mandatory number of sick days for all employees. These are common sense measures that will help everyday working people.

Finally, our public assistance program should expect, support and reward work. Rena will work tirelessly to ensure that our welfare-to-work program is supported through job training and education opportunities and a fully funded child care subsidy program for the working poor. We can build strong communities by putting people to work, and making sure that work pays.

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