My Economic Plan Will Bring Jobs Back to North Carolina and the Nation


By:  Mitt Romney
Date: Aug. 13, 2012
Location: Unknown

This is a time that calls not for partisanship but for leadership and we will bring it back to this nation! I have got five things I know that are going to bring back this economy. And create jobs right here, North Carolina. 12 million jobs for the nation.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs here in North Carolina. Five things. Let me tell you what they are.

Number one: we're going to take advantage of our energy resources. Our coal. Our oil. Our gas. Our renewables. Nuclear. We're going to get energy secure in North America within two terms.
Number two: we are going to fix our schools and make sure our kids have the skills to succeed.
Number three: we are going make trade work for America. Alright. And that means opening up new markets for our goods but it also means when people cheat like China has cheated we're going to hold them accountable and we will not let people cheat without consequence.
Number four: we are going to do something people have talked about but haven't been willing to do and that is we are finally going to cut federal spending and cut the deficit and get us to a balanced budget.
Number five: we are going to champion small business.

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