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Mitt Romney: America Was Built on People Reaching for Achievement


Location: Ashland, KY

MITT ROMNEY: "If we want more jobs and more take-home pay we got to make it easier for small businesses to grow and thrive. That means keep their taxes down, keep the regulators from smothering them. Make sure that we keep healthcare costs affordable and one way we can do that is by repealing and replacing Obamacare. You know, Governor McDonnell began by quoting something that the President said here in Virginia. When I heard that quote I couldn't believe it. When he said if you have a business you didn't build it, someone else did that, and he is talking about government and he went -- and then he said you've taken me out of context. So, I looked at the context. The context is worse than the quote, all right. He says you know you are successful because you think you are smart but there are a lot of people that are smart. And you think it is because you work hard and a lot of people work hard. I wonder, where is he going with that. In America, we celebrate people who are smart and try to make themselves smarter and people who work hard and use their hard work to try and create a better future for themselves and their kids and grandkids. That's who we are. This is a nation built on people reaching for achievement and excellence. Striving. That is the nature of America."

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