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Congressional Replacement of President Obama's Energy-Restricting and Job-Limiting Offshore Drilling Plan

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Chair, while the American people are asking Congress to help create jobs and stabilize the economy, the House Majority would rather spend valuable time on handouts to big oil and gas. For the 11th time this Congress, Members are being asked to support giveaways to big producers and polluters. It is ironic that this bill is being debated at the same time the U.S. Chemical Safety Board released its report that the Deepwater Horizon disaster was caused by a lack of adherence to safety guidelines. Instead of thoughtful efforts to ensure health and safety of workers and the public, as well as the protection of the environment, H.R. 6082 ignores any lessons from that tragedy while opening huge portions of our coasts to drilling. In addition, as someone who has fought to make sure the American taxpayer is properly compensated for energy resources extracted from federally leased lands, I am disturbed that this bill would not ensure oil companies pay their fair share for drilling on public lands. This bill does nothing to help our country build a strong energy future or get Americans back to work. I urge my colleagues to vote ``no.''

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