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Dr. Dan: "President Stands in the Way of Job Creation"


Location: Traverse City, MI

Dr. Dan Benishek issued the following statement regarding the one-year anniversary of his vote for H.R. 1938, the "North American-Made Energy Security Act," a bill that would have created jobs by expediting the approval process for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

"Finding a job in the current economy is not easy. Many of the businesses that I have visited during my "100 in 100' small business tour have told me that they are unable to hire due to the anti-business policies coming out of Washington, intrusive policies such as the new healthcare law, overregulation and the uncertainty of our complex tax code.

"When I voted for the "North American-Made Energy Security Act," last year I had hoped that the President would take advantage of a job creating opportunity. But, once again, the current administration has stood in the way of job creation-- just like they have for the past four years. America cannot afford to have Washington stand in the way of job creation when the unemployment rate is upwards of 8 percent. What America needs are pro-growth policies that encourage projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline. America needs jobs at home and supportive action from Washington."

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