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Dr. Dan Benishek: Michigan's Regional Unemployment Numbers Are Disappointing


Location: Traverse City, MI

Dr. Dan Benishek issued the following statement about the Michigan unemployment rate for June, which rose from 9.0 percent to 9.5 percent in the Houghton -- Keweenaw Labor Market Area (LMA) and from 7.8 percent to 8.0 percent in the Traverse City LMA.

"I want all Michiganders who are seeking work to have jobs. Unfortunately, due to the anti-business policies being implemented by this administration, job creators simply can't afford to make new hires. Throughout my "100 in 100' small business tour, I have heard how the uncertain tax code, overregulation, and the new healthcare law are hurting job creation. Washington needs to get out of the way, allowing small businesses to succeed and until that occurs we'll continue to see disappointing jobs reports. Today's unacceptably high regional unemployment rate can be lowered with a simpler tax code, fewer regulations and a repeal and replacement of the new healthcare law. These are common sense solutions that will allow job providers to prosper, and as a result, create more employment opportunities."

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