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Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. AMODEI. Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for the time.

I find it interesting that we are sitting here having a discussion about regulations in this context. I believe that it is the regulations that are the by-product of this process that we engage in here. It's called ``legislation.''

The regulatory process is not the fourth branch of government that has no accountability to anyone and that can basically do whatever the heck it darn well pleases. The agencies that we are talking about here today, none of which exist in the Constitution, were created by this Congress, which means, if we created you, we can darn well talk about the regulations that you provided.

When I hear words like ``ideology,'' ``cynicism,'' ``really bad policy,'' what is the danger in predictability, for instance, in the timing of the regulatory process?

There is nothing in this legislation which changes the substance of agency discretion in how they go about their business. What we are talking about here is the process, the process by which you go to provide some predictability and stability to those people who are trying to talk about investing capital, hiring workers and things like that.

I urge your support. I thank Mr. Griffin and Mr. Ross for their efforts in this area.


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