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Issue Position: Real Tax Reform Now

Issue Position

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Growing up, I used to hear that a fine is a tax for doing wrong, and a tax is a fine for doing well. Why is it that when people do well, Barrow and Obama want to fine them for their success? We know that every dollar the government takes from us in taxes is a dollar that can't be used to hire employees and grow our economy. Higher taxes on our job creators is not the answer. I support real tax reform. Regardless of the tax reform plan, I support a simpler tax system that is easier and less burdensome, where everyone pays their share, and we balance the budget.

I have signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge, promising to oppose any and all attempts to increase income tax rates for individuals and businesses. I also have a record of supporting lower and simpler taxes, and I will continue that fight in Washington. The contrast could not be clearer. John Barrow and Barack Obama wouldn't know low taxes from a hole in the ground.

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