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Issue Position: Balancing The Federal Budget & Eliminating Wasteful Spending

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It has always seemed like common sense to me that when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. Washington politicians of both parties have been on a spending spree, digging a hole so deep that getting out will be hard to do. Their reckless spending has led to huge budget deficits and a soaring national debt that, if not corrected, will destroy our economy and our country. We must return to fiscal sanity by cutting spending, capping spending, and balancing the budget.

I support the Cut, Cap & Balance plan. I believe we can start to get back on track by cutting federal spending across the board by 5%, with the exception of defense, and reducing the number of government employees by 10% within 1 year. Within the balanced budget, we must also include significant debt payments to start the process of paying down our national debt. We can and will protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors by reforming these programs for younger generations.

Did you know that the State of Georgia has a better credit rating that the U.S. Government? That is because Georgia has a requirement in our Constitution that the budget be balanced. Getting America back on track will require a Balanced Budget Amendment to keep the politicians from continuing the spending spree. I know it will work, because I have seen it work first hand. I am the only candidate in this race with a proven record of fiscal responsibility and balancing a budget -- on the Columbia County School Board, the Columbia County Commission and most importantly in our Georgia House of Representatives.

It's time to stop the wasteful spending, budget shell games and political posturing. John Barrow and Barack Obama do not have the guts to make the tough decisions and do the right thing. I do. They claim to support sham votes for fiscal responsibility while maxing out our country's credit cards and bankrupting the American Dream. Enough is enough. I will demand a Balanced Budget Amendment and do everything possible to pass it. Period.

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