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Issue Position: David's Priorities Include

Issue Position

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*Education: I oppose the dramatic cuts to our public schools, colleges, and universities. I understand the importance of investing in education for the future of Florida.

*Education: I oppose school vouchers.

*Education: I believe we must attract and retain the best teachers by ensuring they are paid a competitive salary.

*Human Rights: I support equal rights based on gender, race, and sexual orientation. I believe we are all a part of Florida, and the United States of America. Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. The Constitution requires "equal protection under the law." I will fight for this right!

*Respect for Privacy: I believe we should protect a woman's right to choose. David believes that a woman's health is up to her and her doctor, not politicians.

*Immigration Reform: I will work with Congress to pass the DREAM Act and create a path toward citizenship for eligible undocumented youths. I understand our nation was started and built by immigrants. I want to make sure that all our children have the same opportunity to live an "American Dream."

*Safety: I will support programs that combat bullying, gangs, and crime to keep our communities safe. Everyone - young and old -- deserves to feel safe in the community.

*Job growth: Invest in projects that will spur job growth in our community. Community re-development is critical to a healthy local economy. District 113 includes many small business; we need to look for ways to encourage job growth by spurring entrepreneurism.

*Gambling: We already have gambling in Florida, but any expansion in the Miami area should adequately address questions regarding: density, traffic, and equity/parity amongst venues. I will only support gambling venues that benefit the community as a whole. I do not support casinos in the City of Miami Beach; they are not a good fit for this community.

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