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Administration's Amnesty Policy Letting Criminals Go Free


Location: Washington, DC

In a new report released today by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (TX-21), results show the Obama Administration's recent administrative policies to prohibit the deportation of broad classes of illegal immigrants contributes to violent criminal activity, including instances of rape, assault, and even murder. The report released today was developed in conjunction with the non-partisan Congressional Research Service, correlating to individuals released under the Obama Administration.

"The Obama Administration's detention order has placed Americans lives and safety at great risk," said Adams. "It is astounding to me that because of the Administration's flawed immigration policies there have been so many instances of criminal activity that could easily have been prevented. If these report results do not make the Obama Administration rethink their immigration detention and deportation policies, nothing will. I applaud Chairman Smith for completing this study and I look forward to our Committee conducting hearings and holding the Administration accountable for their decisions that led to this criminal activity."

In the Smith report it shows that the overall recidivism rate for criminal immigrants released under this policy was greater than 16 percent, and included instances of violent rape and murder.

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