Issue Position: Housing

Issue Position

By:  Daphne Campbell
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

Housing availability and affordability are necessary for economic vitality. Great communities have a mix of housing for both homeownership and renters. Workforce housing close to jobs reduces traffic congestion and is better for the environment. Senior housing choices allow our elder neighbors to enrich our communities as active citizens. With three decades of business experience in local residential real estate, lending and financial services - in both prosperous and in difficult markets - I will continue to advocate for housing and for our quality of life here. I will promote balanced growth and development by taking into account the needs of the community and alternative use for the community. Seniors and people with disabilities are high on my list of priorities. I will fight hard to make sure our seniors on fixed incomes get the state services they need. I will support measures to help with affordable housing and prescription drugs. In addition, I will support ways to protect funding for those who are mentally and Disabled. I will support better social services with a focus on new businesses and small businesses, on senior citizens, youth and the disabled. I will always side with the community's right to know, especially in relation to health and safety issues. I will increase the safety and security of our entire neighborhoods. I will increase community involvement through the creation of new jobs, new activities for youth and new activities and community centers for senior citizens.

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