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CPSIA Anniversary

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. KLOBUCHAR. Mr. President, few states appreciate the importance of outdoor recreation the way we do in Minnesota--whether it is cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, hiking or off-roading, these activities are more than just hobbies for us--they are a way of life and they are woven into the fabric of our economy. That is why today I rise to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of the passage of the lead standard exemptions for youth all-terrain vehicles.

Minnesota is home to many strong recreational product manufacturers that provide jobs and have helped move our economy forward during these difficult times. Our economy doesn't hinge on churning money around Wall Street, it hinges on building things and the motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle industry is a shining example of that. This industry is not just about recreation--it is about jobs, it is about manufacturing, and it is about preserving a key part of our culture and economy.

I supported the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act when it passed in 2008 because it addressed serious safety concerns about lead in children's toys. But when we have legislation as detailed and sweeping as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, certain adjustments and clarifications sometimes need to be made, as we saw with the lead limits for youth all-terrain vehicles. Simply put, children's off-road vehicles were never supposed to be subject to requirements in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

The law was designed to protect our kids, but by banning youth-sized all-terrain vehicles children were put at risk because they started riding oversized adult vehicles that don't take the same considerations as a model meant to accommodate children. Once it became clear that the Consumer Product Safety Commission was going to hold youth all-terrain vehicles to the new lead requirements, I began working to find a solution to the problem.

That is why I pushed to pass the amendments to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act last year to exempt youth all-terrain vehicles from lead standards. August 12th will be the 1-year anniversary of enactment of these amendments to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act into law.

I would like to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of passage of these amendments to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that help protect our children and ensure they enjoy the outdoors for many years to come.

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