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Cancer Free Label Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DEUTCH. Madam Speaker, we all know that wearing sunscreen, quitting smoking, or steering clear of asbestos can reduce our cancer risk. Yet, carcinogens are all around us, and exposure to these cancer-causing agents can be found in everyday products and in the food we eat.

For the most part, consumers are kept in the dark with no way to know for sure whether the makeup they use or the food they eat contains known carcinogens. It's time to help consumers choose safer products for themselves and for their loved ones. That's why today I'm introducing the Cancer Free Label Act. My bill will give companies the chance to market to consumers the fact that the products that they make are free of carcinogens.

Just as consumers refused to buy baby products laden with BPA and nearly wiped this chemical from the shelves, the Cancer Free Label Act will use market-driven forces to drive change. By passing the Cancer Free Label Act, we can give families across America the opportunity to avoid cancer-causing agents. And by promoting healthier choices, we will even be able to save lives.

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