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Cybersecurity Act of 2012

Floor Speech

Location: Washington DC


Mr. CARDIN. Would the Senator yield.

Let me thank Senator Menendez for his leadership on this issue. He has been very articulate about preserving jobs and creating jobs in New Jersey and in America.

I thank him for once again standing for American workers. I thank Senator Reid, the majority leader, for his commitment to bring up the trust fund and the chairman of the Finance Committee, Senator Baucus, I thank him for his leadership.

Senator Menendez has laid out the issue very clearly. This is an averted tariff. It works against American workers. Cotton, mainly on shirts but other commodities, such as wool and suits--as the Senator pointed out, if someone manufactures the suit or the shirt out of America and imports it into America, costing us jobs, they pay less tariff than if they are an American manufacturer that imports the product to manufacture the product in America. They pay a heavier tariff, which costs us jobs, which makes no sense whatsoever.

I thank Senator Menendez for his leadership. I thank Senator Reid and Senator Baucus for understanding this and giving us an opportunity before this expires on the wool trust fund. It is making sure it works effectively. I took the floor last week to talk about English-American Tailoring, located in Westminster, MD. There are 380 union jobs in Westminster, MD. I showed a photograph of seamstresses making suits in America. I think most people thought that photo was taken decades ago, but it was taken this month. This is about how we can preserve jobs in America. They are making the best suits in the world. They are exporting their suits to other countries, but they can't do it unless we have a level playing field.

The leadership of the Senator from New Jersey on bringing to the attention of the American people the need to extend and make effective the cotton and wool trust fund is critically important to preserving jobs in Maryland, New Jersey, and in our Nation.

Again, I thank Senator Menendez, on behalf of American workers, for his leadership on this issue.


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