Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

By:  Leah Landrum Taylor
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

As once a member of the Education Accountability and Reform Committee, I have fought hard to keep funding for education. During the most recent session, I've been a fighter for full-day Kindergarten. Not only will the elimination of this program have a detrimental effect on the economy and jobs, but the education of our youngest students is being jeopardized. I have been at the forefront in trying to look for measures to help salvage what has been destroyed.

Another issue I have actively pursued at the Legislature related to education is creating a safe and healthy environment at all schools throughout the State of Arizona. For the past two years, I have worked to establish a bullying and harassment policy requirement for schools to ensure that when children enter their school, they are in a safe learning zone. I intend to continue to fight for this important measure.

In addition, when a bill banning ethnic studies in public schools was introduced I fought against the annihilation of this valuable school curriculum that allows students to learn about different cultures and their history. It is through these programs that students learn about how to live in a truly global society and learn from the triumphs and devastating mistakes of the entire human population.

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