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Issue Position: The Four E's of Dane Eagle

Issue Position

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"Keeping our future affordable is one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced. We are all being hit hard by the rising cost of living and a stalled economy. I firmly believe that our best times are ahead of us, but we need the right leaders to help us get there. I will fight for you. I am on your side"

As our State Representative, Dane Eagle will fight for:

-Ethical leadership
-A vibrant Florida economy
-Lower taxes and smaller government
-The right to bear firearms
-The sanctity of life
-Stronger Schools
-Tougher border security
-The support of those who have served this county
-The honor of the Greatest Generation

The Four E's of Dane Eagle


Dane understands the opportunities and challenges facing small-business owners in Southwest Florida and across the state. He started working with his family's firm, Eagle Realty of Southwest Florida, at age 16 and currently helps run the business as a Real Estate Broker.

Dane believes in the core principles of fiscal conservatism: Less Taxes, Less Spending, Less Government, More Freedom.

1. Less Taxes

Tax exemption opportunities for those who invest in American-made products. Buying American = American Jobs.
Reduce burdensome fees & regulation that increase the cost of doing business in Florida.
Eventual elimination of corporate (business) income tax.

2. Less Spending

Government should act like a business.
Focus on the bottom line. If there is a surplus return the money to the taxpayers. If there is a deficit look for ways to reduce spending.
Focus on effectively competing with other states for businesses and jobs. The competitive free market system is what has made this country strong.

3. Less Government

Propose an audit by the Division of Business and Professional Regulation of all state statutes.
Create a database and eliminate outdated, excess, and duplicative regulation. Perform cost benefit analysis on major programs with an eye to reducing them.
Use database to create One-Stop-Shops across Florida to aid existing businesses and start-up businesses.

4. More Freedom

Scaling back state government regulation will allow business to do what it does best: create jobs, spur the economy, allow for the creation of new business, and pursue happiness.


Dane understands the value of a quality education. He attended Southwest Florida schools from pre-K through 12th grade and parts of college and currently serves on the boards of two local schools.

If we fail our students now, we are failing our future. We need to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in life.

1. Decentralize the Florida Department of Education

Too much of the education budget is used to fund the paychecks of bureaucrats.
Simplify the education system and give more decision-making power to the local school districts, where We the People have a voice in electing school board members.
This will ensure more dollars are spent on students and fewer dollars spent on overhead.

2. More focus on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

3. Understanding that not all students go to college, prepare them for life by giving them marketable job skills.

4. Push for healthy foods and physical education in all schools

Obesity is a serious threat to out country and a direct drain on our economy, pushing productivity down and healthcare costs up.


Growing up in beautiful Southwest Florida, Dane understands that our economy is inextricably linked to our environment.

The three main industries of Southwest Florida -- Tourism, Real Estate/Construction, and Agriculture -- are all tied to our environment.

1. Tourism

Keep our beaches and waterways clean so our visitors keep coming back for more.

2. Real Estate/Construction

People move here and build here because it's beautiful. We need to continue to grow, but do it in a way that compliments our environment.

3. Agriculture

Agriculture and the environment are codependent, and Southwest Florida has it all from fishing to farming.


Dane became the youngest Deputy Chief of Staff to a Governor in the history of Florida through hard work and integrity. That is exactly how he will represent you as your next State Representative.

Honesty, integrity, and sound values are paramount qualities our leaders must possess.

1. Dane understands that his job is to represent you -- not lobbyists, special interests, or House Leadership.

2. He understands that you are the electorate, and you can hire and fire him.

3. He understands the value of hard work.

4. He understands that a man is only as good as his word.

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