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My passion for freedom and liberty drove me to study history and economics - from history we can gain so much insight into our current choices. The founding principles of our nation established for us a framework for success. That framework was based on God-given freedoms and responsibilities. Returning our country to those founding principles is not just a lofty goal or a talking point; it is much more important than that. The future of our country depends on it! Our founding fathers gave us the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to protect these United States and its people from the very forces that appear to be dragging us under today. When I think about my daughter, I think about the legacy that we are leaving for her and for other children.

The weight of the debt we are mounting today (both state and federal) will fall on the small shoulders of our children. I don't want to bind our children's futures by binge spending. I want to bind us to responsible spending and smaller government!

I believe Minnesota is at a crossroads. In the recent past, elected officials have chosen the path of rapid government growth and massive government intervention into our lives. I am proposing a forgotten course -- a Three-Point Turn to Recovery. Those familiar with drivers' education will recall that a three-point turn is a driving maneuver that is used to turn a car around so that it is facing the road in the opposite direction. I want to turn this state around!

The first point in my Three-Point Turn to Recovery is to cut taxes. Minnesota is currently ranked the 4th worst state in terms of taxation. Because of this, we are losing jobs. Businesses, farms and families cannot survive, let alone thrive. We must cut taxes and government regulation to encourage our businesses to stay in Minnesota and those that have left, to return.

The second point in my Three-Point Turn to Recovery is to reduce the size of government. This will lessen the weight carried by individuals to support the large, and often ineffective, bureaucracy in St. Paul. Reducing the number of government jobs and government regulation will revive the private sector by creating job opportunities that do not depend on government funding. It is estimated that for every dollar taken for taxes, three dollars is lost in economic growth in the private sector.

The final point in my Three-Point Turn to Recovery is to empower the individual. I believe that you know best how to spend your hard-earned dollars. Whether to save or spend should be your choice. You should have the opportunity to attend the school of your choice, select your own doctor, and run your farm or business without government interference.

The application of these three points in my Three-Point Turn to Recovery will help bring jobs back to Southwest Minnesota and will allow you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

I promise I will listen to you, work hard and do my best for Southwest Minnesota and the state. I am a pro-life fiscal and social conservative. I ask for your support for endorsement and your vote in November.

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