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President Obama's Proposed 2012-2017 Offshore Drilling Lease Sale Plan Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LAMBORN. Madam Speaker, this bill we are considering under suspension simply codifies President Obama's offshore drilling plan for the next 5 years. It's a simple bill and a simple vote: What do you choose for America's future?

The Congressional Replacement Plan we debated yesterday will harness America's vast offshore resources in both existing and new areas in a responsible way. Our plan is the right plan to keep the United States competitive and to develop the resources that American families and American businesses need. It will generate more revenue for the taxpayers, more energy, and more jobs.

What does the Obama plan under this suspension vote have to offer? No new areas for energy development and the lowest number of lease sales in the history of the 5-year program, according to Congressional Research Service. Is that really the plan you think is best to move our Nation forward and generate high-paying jobs?

Look at this bar graph. This shows what was going on under President Jimmy Carter 30 years ago. This 5-year plan program has been going for more than 30 years, and the 15 lease sales you see at the end of the graph is the lowest in the history of the 5-year program. If you remember, during Jimmy Carter's administration, we had gasoline shortages. You could go to the gas station and buy gas if your license plate ended in an odd or even number, depending on the day of the week. We should not have the lowest number of lease sales in the history of our country.

The Obama 5-year plan is the you-cannot-build-it plan; you cannot build new infrastructure for energy. It tells the people of Virginia that they cannot build new rigs and explore new areas of the Outer Continental Shelf regardless of the bipartisan support of the Governor, Senators, and Representatives of Virginia. The President's plan says you cannot build anything new, essentially reinstating a moratorium on the Pacific and Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf. The President's plan locks up 85 percent of our Nation's nearly 2 billion acres of Outer Continental Shelf resources.

Production on Federal lands, according to the Energy Information Administration, is down under the Obama administration.

I heard something earlier about natural gas production is up. That's on private lands primarily because of fracking.

We need to get Federal lands producing again, and the Obama 5-year plan is not the plan to do that. The Congressional Replacement Plan is. We should vote for more American energy and vote for more American jobs. So vote against this suspension bill and vote in favor of the Congressional Replacement Plan.


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