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Raising Taxes on Military Families

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. DAVIS of California. Mr. Speaker, yesterday the House unfortunately passed a tax bill that will raise taxes on 25 million families, including many military families. And that is, in a word, outrageous. We see strenuous objections from the majority to fairly tax the superwealthy; but we don't hear a peep about placing an extra tax burden on our middle class families, including members of our military whose families are actually struggling in this economy.

Under the majority's tax bill, an E-1 sailor in the Navy with 2 years' service with a spouse and three young children at home would see a tax increase of $1,096. A private in the U.S. Army in her first year of service who is married with an infant child would see a $273 tax increase.

As the ranking member of the House Military Personnel Subcommittee, I want to know why we are asking those who have given so much for our country to give even more while we ask the wealthiest Americans to sacrifice nothing. Our military families deserve much better than that, and so do the American people.

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