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What the American People Want

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. PELOSI. Mr. Speaker, this Republican majority is prepared to adjourn the House of Representatives to leave for the August district work period without accomplishing what the American people have sent us here to do. They want us to create jobs. They want us to reduce the deficit, and they want us to give a middle-income tax cut, which the President has suggested and the American people overwhelmingly support.

Instead, we have no jobs agenda, no tax cuts for the middle class, no farm bill, no Violence Against Women Act, no cybersecurity strategy, no balanced, bipartisan plan to prevent the sequester.

The only thing the Republicans have done is to increase the uncertainty that threatens another debt crisis and undermines our economic growth. Now they want to head out of town to campaign, when Congress should stay in session to address the most pressing challenges facing our Nation: job creation, growth in our economy, and strengthening the middle class.

Mr. Speaker, Democrats want us to get our job done. When we go home to meet with our constituents, we want to say what we have accomplished and what results we can bring that have been worked out in a fair, bipartisan, balanced way.

In spite of this, the Republican obstruction at every turn is preventing that.

Let's get to work. Let's do the job our constituents elected us to do: to create jobs with them and to relieve the uncertainty in their lives.

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