Issue Position: Mission

Issue Position

By:  Charles Rouse
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

I'm a middle of the road pragmatic Democrat and I'm tired of American politics as a jousting match between hard left and hard right. Especially in the California legislature, what is needed are practical solutions to problems that most of us would agree are problems.

For this reason my campaign slogan is "Practical solutions for real world problems."

First on the agenda is an examination of issues of public safety, especially funding for police and sheriff's departments and for our fire departments. Nothing has pained me more in recent times than to hear of police or a sheriff's deputy being laid off or a fire station closing. Our police and fire protection coverage can't safely get any thinner.

The education of our children is a big priority with me and always will be. We don't need teachers laid off- we need teachers working in the classrooms. If we can't educate our children our state has no future.

Because of the recession, there has been a strain between the state and the cities and counties over funding. This tragic situation won't go on forever, but right now the allocation of scarce resources needs a lot of careful thought. It's almost like disaster relief.

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