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Mitt Romney: Help is Coming for the MIddle Class


Location: Boston, MA

SEAN HANNITY: "What do you say to the people that are now struggling? That have been struggling now four years."

MITT ROMNEY: "Help is coming. And I laid out today my plan for more jobs and more take home pay for the American middle class."

HANNITY: "Explain."

ROMNEY: "And it's got five major steps. One is action to get us energy independent. That's North American energy independence. Two, is to get our people the skills they need to succeed. Three, is to get trade that works for America by cracking down on China when they cheat and opening up Latin America. Four, is by cutting our deficit. And five is being a champion of small business and making it good for small business. We have the lowest level of small business start-ups that we've seen in 30 years. This president has a record to look at, not just words, but a record. And the record has been one of great disappointment."

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