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Romney: Staples an Example of Private Sector Success, Solyndra Example of Government Failure


Location: Boston, MA

MITT ROMNEY: "Staples, for instance, when we got going we didn't rent some big fancy office building to start the business. We were brand new. And so, the managers there and our team said, look, we are going to use the back of an old shopping center that had pretty much been abandoned and we're going to use the back of that. That's where our offices will be. We got used furniture for the people who worked there. I remember the board room. We had some big old table. And it was surrounded by these used naugahyde chairs. And these things were so old to get out of them once you sat down you had to be athletic to rise out of these things. Now, I compare that by the way with what happens with President Obama's government giving hundreds of millions of dollars to some start-up company like Solyndra. Their corporate headquarters looks like the Taj Mahal. I've been there to see this thing, alright. And by the way, let's look at the results. Today, Staples employs roughly 90,000 people. And Solyndra, I think you know how many people it employs."

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