Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility & Economic Growth

Issue Position

By:  Justin Pierce
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

Arizona is finally showing some signs of a weak economic recovery. The recent serious recession with all of its unfortunate consequences caused our state to face an unprecedented 3 billion dollar deficit. Although the gap has been closed, and the state now has a positive cash balance, I believe it would be foolish to return to the reckless spending of the past. The reality is that by 2015 we will be facing another budget deficit largely due to the implementation of Obamacare, which is projected to cost the state upwards of half a billion dollars. I will always be a strong advocate for responsible spending by the state and better financial planning for the future.

Like you, I have friends and neighbors that have lost their jobs and homes. A contributing factor to our economic crisis came from the reckless spending of taxpayers' dollars. Too often it is suggested that we simply raise taxes in order to meet our financial obligations. I believe we first need to look at how we can cut wasteful and unnecessary spending and adhere to a responsible and balanced budget. Moreover, it's clear to me that allowing Arizonans to keep more of what they earn will lead to more job creation and economic prosperity.

As Arizonans continue to struggle with high unemployment, one of my top priorities in Legislature is to turn our economy around and get Arizonans back to work. Businesses need stability to thrive and create jobs - that starts with keeping taxes low and insisting on more disciplined government spending. Working with leaders in all areas of our economy, I will continue aggressively to push for sensible policies that will build a strong and sustainable economy and create better paying jobs in our communities.

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