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Arizona should be the best place in America to do business. With abundant sunshine and plentiful natural resources, we have advantages unmatched by other states. I support tax cuts to stimulate the economy, but tax cuts alone aren't enough. We need to utilize every option available to increase business opportunities. These include tort reform to cut down on frivolous lawsuits, ensuring small businesses are not taxed on the investments they make to improve their business, and reducing levels of bureaucratic red tape to allow businesses to open more quickly and at less cost.

Government is too big and too expansive. Government needs to be leaner and focus on core functions. We need to take a look at all programs to reduce redundancies. Part of cutting government includes reducing long-term debt commitments and reforming our pension system. More cuts may be needed to bring Arizona back to optimal fiscal health. To reduce long-term debt, I have stated I will not take a pension as a member of the legislature. In addition, I will also not take taxpayer money commonly known as "clean elections" to fund my campaign. Government needs to pay down debt and save for future market downturns, not spend money promoting politicians.

We need to protect and promote conservative values. I am pro-life. I support full enforcement of our immigration laws. I am pro-second amendment and support gun rights.

We need long-term tax reform in Arizona. The majority of our tax base comes from sales and property taxes, putting an undue burden on those with fixed incomes. We need to look at creative tax reform policies to reduce that burden.

Education is the future. To be economically competitive, Arizona must give our children the best educational opportunities possible. I favor policies which will reduce bureaucracy, expand voucher opportunities, and shift more money into the classroom without raising taxes.

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