Issue Position: Strengthen Education

Issue Position

By:  Rick Gray
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

A strong educational system is not only important for a strong business climate, it's also important because our children are our future. Their personal value is more than can be measured with dollars and cents. Their success depends on the quality of education they get.

The two most important people in the education process are the student and the teacher. Both need to be fully supported to bring an effective learning environment. Because of that students and parents deserve to have the opportunity to choose what's best for them, whether that is in a public, private, charter school or home schooling.

I also believe teachers should be paid according to the quality of the job they are doing. Teachers who do an exceptional job should be rewarded with exceptional pay. In these hard economic times it's even more important for our educational dollars to be spent in a way that will support the teachers in the classroom and not just the bureaucracy of the school district.

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