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Congressman Boehner Statement on the July 2012 Unemployment Report


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following statement regarding the Department of Labor's unemployment report for July 2012:

"Two years after the Obama administration declared, "welcome to the recovery,' this much is clear: with 42 consecutive months of unemployment above eight percent, the private sector still isn't "doing fine' and President Obama's economic plan did not work. While the president is telling small businesses "you didn't build that,' his policies are making sure they can't.

"Any new job creation is welcome news -- but with unemployment still above eight percent and rising, and millions of Americans looking for work, it is insane to raise taxes on small businesses, as the president and his allies in the Democratic-controlled Senate propose. Ernst & Young says their tax hike will destroy more than 700,000 jobs. And yet, top Democrats say they're willing to let taxes rise on middle class families, tank our economy, and impose devastating cuts to our national security if they don't get their way. It's reckless, it's wrong, and House Republicans aren't standing for it.

"A group of 88 American economists warned that we need to stop all of the tax hikes scheduled for January 1 to prevent more damage to our economy. A bipartisan majority in the House voted to do so, and to make sure no middle class family or small business sees a tax increase. We also voted in May to replace the "sequester' defense cuts insisted on by the president. The House is ready to act at a moment's notice this August on these, and the more than 30 jobs bills we've passed, if Senate Democrats get serious about addressing the threats to our economy and our national security."

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