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Issue Position: Protecting Our Environment for Our Health -- and Our Economic Prosperity

Issue Position

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San Diego thrives because over the years we've had a well-trained and educated workforce -- and a spectacular coastal environment and climate that have attracted businesses and tourism. We must protect and improve the quality of our air and our water for our health, and equally as much for our local economy.

I believe there is no reason that economic prosperity and environmental protection cannot go hand-in-hand with one another. I realize it's popular to say that environmental regulation is hurting California's struggling economy. However, we can and should work with economists and the environmental community to create environmental regulations that are compatible with the needs of Californians. We cannot go backwards on this one. The costs of cleaning up polluted waters, smoggy air and toxic land are much greater than implementing well-planned and researched environmental regulations. So we must begin to lead the way for clean energy solutions in California in order to reap the economic benefits of environmental progress and achieve our mission of protecting California's fragile environment.

I'm proud to be endorsed by the California League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club -- and the California Small Business Association. I believe we're in agreement that good environmental policy is in fact good economic policy for California.

That's why I'll work to preserve and improve essential environmental protections that:

*protect water quality and stabilize our water supply through conservation;

*improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases;

*reduce beach and ocean pollution (including urban runoff) and protect fisheries;

*reduce toxic pollution;

*shift towards alternative energy sources that are cleaner, and expand conservation efforts so we are less dependent on fossil fuels and foreign energy sources;

*reduce the solid waste stream through recycling and better packaging strategies; and,

*improve transportation and land use policies, because weak policies lead to more pollution and traffic -- and are costly for business.

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