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Issue Position: Crime

Issue Position

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One of the most important roles of government is protecting you. This can take the form of protecting you from physical harm, protecting your property from theft, and protecting your rights and liberties. Crime is generally a violation of one of those first two and should not be tolerated. Innocence until proven guilty is a fundamental right, but more and more it seems that criminals have more rights than the victims. They get off on a technicality or their sentence is reduced and they are quickly back on the streets, resulting in more victims. Violent criminals and sex offenders should be locked up and behind bars. On the flip side, I believe there is a place for rehabilitation for those who commit lesser offenses. If certain life circumstances tend to lend themselves to non-violent criminal behavior (i.e. drugs), then changing those circumstances, such as through education and re-learning, can lead to a healthy and productive life. Nevertheless, while I do believe in possible second chances for those who are non-violent offenders, a "three strikes and you're out" policy for violent crime seems more than reasonable. Brutality should not be tolerated on our streets.

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