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Issue Position: Border Security and Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

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Our borders should be secure. Any illegal immigration reform must begin with securing the border. You cannot adequately address flooding until the water flow causing it is cut off. Securing the border will help reduce the financial costs borne by all taxpayers from illegal immigrants benefiting from government services--particularly in areas of education and health care. In addition to the financial burden, the effects on crime and safety must also be considered when data shows a strong correlation between illegal immigration and crime rates. Furthermore, border security is a crucial national security issue. We live in a day and age where terrorists want nothing more than to kill us and destroy our way of life. At the very least, they should not be able to do this by walking across an unsecure border.

In addition to securing the border, we must make sure jobs in our country go to those who are here legally, whether they be citizens or legal residents. This is especially important during these economic hard times, when the unemployment rate is the highest we've seen in a generation and where jobs are few and far between. I certainly can't blame someone for wanting to move to the greatest country on earth to create something for themselves. But they need to do so the proper and legal way, even if it proves more challenging. If the migration process itself needs improvement, that's a separate issue. Personally, I have found that many of those most frustrated with illegal immigration are my immigrant friends--those who came to this country legally. They want to know why those who come here illegally should be treated better than those who migrated here according to the law. It is neither right nor fair to reward those who break the law.

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