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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

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Private success depends on public investment--in infrastructure, education, health, transportation, research, economic stability, and protections of all sorts.

Corporations have not been hiring despite record profits. They continue to threaten our communities by outsourcing and minimizing pay for work, which leads corporations to eliminate or downgrade jobs and hence keep wages low when profits are high.

Arizona needs to protect and invest in its greatest resource, its citizens. If we protect our revenue with encouraging environments that provide opportunities we will have the resources to function and flourish.

It is the responsibility of the Arizona Legislature to see that our Human and Social Services are maintained properly and that people live by humane standards we would all agree to--indeed, we should be setting the standard for the rest of the country. If our legislature were to do its job, businesses could flourish and concentrate on their responsibilities instead of having to cut costs in order to work with an uneducated workforce that lacks basic health care.

The Arizona Legislature acts like a deadbeat dad refusing to pay for the support of his children, the citizens of Arizona. I will make sure Arizona meets its responsibilities; no matter how tough the GOP may complain, it is to provide for our state.

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