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Mitt Romney: We Must Promote a Foreign Policy Based on Confidence, Clarity, and Resolve


Location: Boston, MA

CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS: "As you begin to introduce yourself around the world on trips like this and in other activities, how would you want them to view the Romney Doctrine? What is the Romney Doctrine?"

MITT ROMNEY: "You know, I describe my views on foreign policy as having confidence in our cause, having clarity in our purpose, and having resolve in the application of might if that were ever necessary. So, confidence, clarity, and resolve. And so, that means that we should be confident enough to recognize that our principles and values are right, that we express them clearly to the world and to our people at home, and that we have a very high hurdle when it comes to applying military might, but that if we decide that we've reached a point where our national security interest is significant and it's being threatened, that we act with resolve, not with a tepid or timid response but instead with full resolve to assure our mission can be successful.

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