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Issue Position: Misrepresenting Their Intensions

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How else have they rewarded our trust that they would look after our interests? The Flat tax is a example of how they are saying one thing to get elected then perform entirely differently after elected. They ran on a platform to create jobs and improve the economy and NEVER RAISE TAXES. What have they done? Last year our opponents used a trick of legislative law to introduce the failed flat-tax proposition in a way that the voters do not have to vote on it. This trick is possible because they have crafted proposed law to be revenue neutral. This was done by

Taking away exemptions that 87% of us rely on to reduce our tax burden,
Making the poorest members of our state pay taxes they did not formerly pay
Reducing the net tax burden on the wealthy 13%.


How have they helped create jobs? In 2011, Arizona republican lawmakers enacted the "Jobs Bill" a tax cut to corporations and builders, reduces state revenues by $638 Million and will shift the tax burden to local governments by cutting local proper tax receipts. These same Large Corporations are having record profits and creating no new jobs anywhere in the country let alone in Arizona. Senator Frank Antenori, Representatives David Gowan, David Stevens and Ted Vogt and many others voted for this.

The bills own assessment says and I quote, "The bill would shift the tax burden to property owners not affected by the legislation and/or result in property tax losses for local governments".


The theory that these tax cuts will result in more jobs is the trickle down fantasy that has been perpetuated since Reagan by our opponents. It has been the justification for reducing taxes to the lowest level since the last Great Depression without reducing spending. The reduction of taxes is a major component of the deficit we face today both in our state and the nation.

The deficit that we face today is 82% due to republican borrow and spend policies since the Reagan administration 31 years ago. Even though our deficit is high it is still not the primary cause of the increasing deficit. In fact the greatest factor is the slowed economy and excessively low taxes.

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