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Issue Position: Attacking our Liberties

Issue Position

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I am alarmed at the slow erosion of our personal liberties and protections from predatory commerce, under the conservative regime of the last 30 years. What is more alarming is that this trend seems to be accelerating in recent years. Legislation like:

Environmental Regulatory structures being removed and reduced

4thamendment erosion
*Drug laws that allow search without a warrant and confiscation of property without due process.
*Random search laws related to drugs/alcohol and illegal emigrants.
*Patriot act making invasion of our privacy more pervasive

Rights of citizenship

Bills impaired the ability of low income people to vote.
*Union Busting laws
*HB 2644 prohibits state entities, counties, cities and towns from accepting federal money for a construction
*Proposition 113 that eliminated the right provided for in federal labor law of unions to form without a formal secret ballot as.
*Special Interest influence
*Money makes right SPECIAL money from conservative wealthy and corporations
*The influence of super-rich such as the Koch brothers to create entire party movements like the Tea Party and candidate Herman Cain.

Legislatures in many states including Arizona are being influenced by the ultraconservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC drafted bills for our legislators including SB 1070 and has duplicated it in other states already.

ALEC has drafted 36 bills here in Arizona and 19 have been passed. ALEC is systematically introducing legislation in all states, to:

*Interfere with the ability to vote
*Bust Unions
*Reduce state governments through privatization
*Eviscerate the EPA
*Initiate law suits to challenge healthcare act

My opponent is a member of ALEC and has participated in introducing these bills.

The Supreme Court is now the most conservative court in US history. They have demonstrated this with the new ruling which allows corporations to spend all they can to influence elections. I fear they are poised to strike down a key provisions of the Affordable care act.

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