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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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From 2000 to 2010, Sierra Vista's population grew by approximately 16%. During this same time frame we saw two public schools close. The reason for this disparity lies in the creation of charter schools.

Charter schools have consistently performed lower than their public school equivalents.

Charter schools are for profit institutions, which are profiting from tax payer money. The public funds they receive should be invested in our children and not padding the wallets of the school administrators. Unfortunately when you take tax payer money to fund these schools the outcome is less for students, less for teachers, and more for profit.

Charter school teachers are not required to be state certified. Their less rigorous curriculum hurts the children of Arizona. This is not an investment into our future, but a check the box in their educational foundation.

I would like to see charter schools meet the same certification requirements as their public school equivalents. I want charter school teacher pay to be at the same level of pay that their public school colleagues receive. As your state representative, I will work diligently to ensure equality is maintained between charter school and public school standards. Charter school administrators should not be profiting from tax payer money. The children should be the ones profiting!

Additionally, I advocate a requirement that would require charter schools to accept special needs children. Currently, charter schools may deny enrollment for any student for any reason. Any school that receives public funds should not be allowed to deny a student enrollment because of a disability.

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